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Day 2:
Believe Me, It’s My Body


rePRO examines the antiquated status quo for women’s reproductive healthcare issues.

Reproductive diseases, disorders, and conditions are frequently dismissed or misdiagnosed by healthcare providers when the symptoms are real and all-consuming. Topics include vaginismus, birth control side effects, and endometriosis. It’s time to believe women. 



Attendees from all over the world will have access to our free Call-to-Action Conversations, featuring storytellers and activists.
Conversations will be posted here at their scheduled time
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Day 2: Believe Me, It’s My Body – Thursday, August 13

5:00pm EDT / 4:00pm CDT –
Believe Me, It’s My Body:

A Call-to-Action Conversation to empower women to demand adequate services from your healthcare providers.

Films: Tightly Wound, End-O, Birth Control Your Own Adventure

Moderator: Kineta Sealey, Esq., Policy Counsel, Black Women’s Health Imperative
Speaker: Elaine Gracie, Writer, End-O
Speaker: Alice Seabright, Director, End-O
Speaker: Melissa Boudreau, Director of Marketing, Endometriosis Foundation of America

8:00pm EDT / 7:00pm CDT – Endometriosis 101:

A Call-to-Action Conversation to educate both women and the medical community about the need for accurate diagnoses of endometriosis.

Film: Endo-What?

Moderator: Jordan Davidson, Health Journalist
Speaker: Shannon Cohn, Director, Endo What?
Speaker: Jenneh Rishe, RN/Founder of The Endo Coalition
Speaker: Dr. Iris Orbuch, Endometriosis Specialist/Director of the Advanced Gynecologic Laparoscopy Center