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Day 3:
When Pregnancy Gets Complicated


rePRO examines how one of the most complicated experiences of some women’s lives can get even more complicated. 

A woman’s pregnancy or the path to get there does not define her. Topics include miscarriage, infertility, surrogacy, postpartum mental health, and policing pregnancy. It’s time to cancel the shame and embrace the realities.



Attendees from all over the world will have access to our free Call-to-Action Conversations, featuring storytellers and activists.
Conversations will be posted here at their scheduled time
or hosted live, at the times indicated below. Click the link to watch, or the zoom link to register for our live conversations. 

Day 3 – When Pregnancy Gets Complicated – Friday, August 14:

3:00pm EDT / 2:00pm CDT – When Pregnancy Gets Complicated:

A Call-to-Action Conversation to cancel the shame and embrace the struggles that often come with pregnancy and the path to get there.

Films: Avalanche, Egg Day, My American Surrogate

Moderator: Chloe Melas, Journalist, CNN
Speaker: Molly Anne Coogan, Writer/Actor, Avalanche
Speaker: Barbara Collura, President & CEO, RESOLVE

5:00pm EDT / 4:00pm CDT – Postpartum Mental Health:

A Call-to-Action Conversation to talk openly and honestly about postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, and postpartum psychosis.

Film: Stand Still

Moderator: Alison Mariella Désir, Founder, Harlem Run and Run 4 All Women
Speaker: Isabella Wing-Davey, Director, Stand Still
Speaker: Michelle Bonnard, Writer/Actor, Stand Still
Speaker: Zoë Tapper, Writer/Actor, Stand Still
Speaker: Sarah Post, LCSW, Founder, The Village Perinatal Network

8:00pm EDT / 7:00pm CDT –
Policing Pregnancy:

A Call-to-Action Conversation that examines the growing system of laws that infringes on a pregnant woman’s bodily autonomy. 

Films: Personhood, 62 Days

Moderator: Cindy Soohoo, Professor/Co-Director, CUNY School of Law Human Rights and Gender Justice Clinic
Speaker: Jo Ardinger, Director, Personhood
Speaker: Rebecca Haimowitz, Director, 62 Days
Speaker: Indra Wood Lusero JD, Staff Attorney, National Advocates for Pregnant Women
Speaker: Breana Lipscomb, Senior Manager, Maternal Health & Human Rights, Center for Reproductive Rights