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Day 4:
Let’s Talk About It


 rePRO examines how people have been made to feel ashamed about their bodies.

 Having periods, going through menopause, embracing your sexual desires, and living as your authentic gender are parts of life that are often hidden. Topics include menstruation and menopause, Intersex and Transgender experiences, and the power of the clitoris. It’s time to get empowered. 



Attendees from all over the world will have access to our free Call-to-Action Conversations, featuring storytellers and activists.
Conversations will be posted here at their scheduled time
or hosted live, at the times indicated below. Click the link to watch, or the zoom link to register for our live conversations. 

Day 4 – Let’s Talk About It – Saturday, August 15:

3:00pm EDT / 2:00pm CDT –
Let’s Talk About It:

A Call-to-Action Conversation to eradicate the stigmas around the uterus. Period.

Films: My Time, Day One, Hot Flash, Flesh

Moderator: Ambreen Molitor, Senior Director of Product at Planned Parenthood’s Innovation Lab

Speaker: Giulia Gandini, Director, My Time
Speaker: Arielle Goldman, Writer/Director, Day One
Speaker: Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, Lawyer/Author/Co-Founder, Period Equity
Speaker: Lynette Medley, Founder, No More Secrets

5:00pm EDT / 4:00pm CDT – Gender Spectrum Lens:

A Call-to-Action Conversation to demand equity in healthcare services for people of all genders. 

Films: A Normal Girl, Get The Life, Vessels

Moderator: Sav Rodgers, Filmmaker
Speaker: Sean Saifa Wall, Intersex Justice Project
Speaker: Devan Rose, Actor, Get the Life
Speaker: Nigel Morton, Kansas State Organizer, URGE

8:00pm EDT / 7:00pm CDT – Get Cliterate:

A Call-to-Action Conversation to celebrate the power of the clitoris and shatter the myths around female sexuality.

Film: The Dilemma of Desire

Speaker: Twanna Hines, Performing Artist & Entrepreneur, Funky Brown Chick

Speaker:: Maria Finitzo, Director, The Dilemma of Desire
Speaker: Sophia Wallace, Subject, The Dilemma of Desire
Speaker: Dr. Stacey Dutton, Subject, The Dilemma of Desire