Day 5:


rePRO examines the fight for a woman’s right to bodily autonomy. 

Under current state and federal administrations, women’s reproductive rights are continually attackedHow do we fight back? Topics include access to abortion care, a cultural perspective, and the professionals who support a woman’s right to choose. It’s time to VOTE.



Attendees from all over the world will have access to our free Call-to-Action Conversations, featuring storytellers and activists.
Conversations will be posted here at their scheduled time
or hosted live, at the times indicated below. Click the link to watch, or the zoom link to register for our live conversations. 

Day 5 – rePRO-Choice – Sunday, August 16:

Keynote Dr. Kathleen Tarr,
Sunday, August 16, 2:00pm EDT/1:00pm CDT

Getting Played Symposium founder Kathleen Tarr, JD introduces the final day of Mama Film’s rePRO Film Festival with a keynote emphasizing the entertainment industry’s influence over societal narratives, particularly the right to choose whether to continue a pregnancy.

3:00 PM EDT / 2:00 PM CDT – Abortion Care: Rights and Access

A Call-to-Action Conversation that reviews the current state of the Pro-Choice movement, including who has access – and more importantly who doesn’t – and the role of younger generations.

Films: The Line, Mizuko, Abortion Helpline, This is Lisa

Moderator: Amber Tamblyn, Writer/Actor/Activist
Speaker: Melisa Resch, Director, The Line
Speaker: Janet Goldwater, Director, Abortion Helpline, This is Lisa
Speaker: Kira Dane, Writer/Director/Producer, Mizuko

5:00pm EDT / 4:00pm CDT – ChangemakeHER Award

The festival will also present a special “ChangemakeHER” Award, to recognize an exceptional individual who has provided a significant contribution towards the fight for women’s reproductive healthcare, including education, awareness and activism. This recipient will be announced at a later date.

8:00 PM EDT / 7:00 PM CDT – Abortion Care: Critical Crossroads

A Call-to-Action Conversation that aims to counter the stigma against abortion care providers by bringing to light the critical crossroads they face during daily work at women’s clinics.

Film: Our Bodies Our Doctors

Moderator: TBA
Speaker: Jan Haaken, Director, Our Bodies Our Doctors
Speaker: Dr. Julie Burkhardt, Executive Director, Trust Women
Speaker: Dr. Gillian Schivone, Physician