Part of the When Pregnancy Gets Complicated Shorts Program

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2:10 PM EDT / 1:10 PM CDT
Friday, August 14

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Thirty-five. Out of work. Coping with a recent miscarriage. Life feels like one big avalanche for comedy writer Jo McDowell. But when she lands a meeting that could turn her career around, she has to make a decision: Tell the truth about her loss, or go for the laugh? A poignant and comedic look at what women have to push down, push through, and put up with to get to the top. Based on a true story.



13 minutes

Director: Heather Jack

Writer: Molly Anne Coogan

Producer: Molly Ortiz

Executive Producers: Larkin Clark, Molly Anne Coogan

Cinematographer: Robert Lam

Editor: Stephen Grubel

Cast: Molly Anne Coogan, Lennon Parham, Vivian Bang, Tara Karsian

Heather Jack (Director)

Molly Anne Coogan (Writer, Star, Executive Producer)


July 16, 2020