Birth Control Your Own Adventure


Part of the Believe Me, It’s My Body Shorts Program

Suggested View Time:
4:30 PM EDT / 3:30 PM CDT
Thursday, August 13

Note: No closed captioning or subtitles available.

In this inventive self-portrait, filmmaker Sindha Agha features an unlikely cast of sinister Icelandic sheep, clumsy endives and an OB-GYN who talks with the voice of a robot to chronicle the epic saga of her struggle with the side effects of birth control medication. 



5 minutes

Director: Sindha Agha

Writer: Sindha Agha

Producer: Sindha Agha

Cinematographer: Matty Neikrug

Editor: Matty Neikrug

Sindha Agha (Director, Writer, Producer)


July 16, 2020