Mizuko (Water Child)


Part of the rePRO-Choice Shorts Program

Suggested View Time:
2:20 PM EDT / 1:20 PM CDT
Sunday, August 16

Note: Partial English Subtitles

In Japanese, there’s a special word for an unborn life. Mizuko, which means “water child,” is used to refer to both miscarried and aborted pregnancies. In addition to this word, there’s a Buddhist ritual for grief called mizuko kuyo that allows women to metaphorically return their water children to the sea. Told through the Japanese American filmmaker’s personal story of abortion in the US, Mizuko (Water Child) is a partially animated, intimate reckoning with the impact of this cultural context.


USA, Japan

15 minutes

Directors: Kira Dane, Katelyn Rebelo

Writer: Kira Dane

Producers: Kira Dane, Katelyn Rebelo

Executive Producer: Amy Hobby

Cinematographer: Katelyn Rebelo

Editor: Kira Dane, Katelyn Rebelo

Animators: Kira Dane, Katelyn Rebelo, Joyce Zhao, Melissa Garvin

Kira Dane (Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Animator)

Katelyn Rebelo (Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Animator)


July 17, 2020