Stand Still


Suggested View Time:
4:40 PM EDT / 3:40 PM CDT
Friday, August 14

Note: No closed captioning or subtitles available.

Susannah is not coping with her new baby and can’t stop moving away from him. She leaves him alone in the house and runs to a bridge over a freeway where she meets Rupa, a night-care worker. Rupa is constantly on the go. She can barely take time out from her busy life to drive Susannah home. The film follows a character going through a painful episode of postpartum depression whose chance encounter with another woman forces them both to stand still.



17 minutes

Director: Isabella Wing-Davey

Writers: Michelle Bonnard, Zoë Tapper

Producer: Sarah Beardsall

Cinematographer: Ashley Barron

Editor: Karenjit Sahota

Cast: Zoë Tapper, Michelle Bonnard, Tony George Georgiou, Sheila Miquel Brown

Isabella Wing-Davey (Director)


July 17, 2020