The Line


Part of the rePRO-Choice Shorts Program

Suggested View Time:
2:20 PM EDT / 1:20 PM CDT
Sunday, August 16

Note: No closed captioning or subtitles available.

Sparks fly at a Saturday morning clinic defense when a dedicated activist and a punk loner meet. Tasked with escorting a patient into the clinic they must use ingenuity, courage and teamwork to succeed. Set against the backdrop of the massive reproductive rights struggles of the 1990s, The Line is a love story in the age of protest.



12 minutes

Director: Melisa Resch

Writer: Melisa Resch

Producers: Common, Derek Dudley, Shelby Stone, Michael Pogorian

Executive Producers: Jeannie Weaver, Jeremy Cabalona, Jessica Sutherland

Cinematographer: Allison Anderson

Editor: Leese Katsnelson

Cast: Bex Taylor Klaus, Hayley Law, Jason Stuart, Toy Lei, Siya, Alicia Sixtos, Julia Boyd

Melisa Resch (Director, Writer)


July 17, 2020