Toxic: A Black Woman’s Story


Part of the rePRO Justice for Women of Color Shorts Program

Suggested View Time:
4:25 PM EDT / 3:25 PM CDT
Wednesday, August 12

Note: No closed captioning or subtitles available.

Racism. Toxic stress. Birth outcomes.

How are these things intertwined? The short film, Toxic: A Black Woman’s Story, seeks to explore that question… Peer into the world of the film’s lead protagonist, Nina. An elite lawyer, loyal wife, and loving mother of a teen boy, Nina is navigating life (and pregnancy) to the best of her ability. But sometimes the forces on a woman – especially a black woman – can be too much to bear. In this highly anticipated short film, the viewer is invited on a journey of perspective transformation. Follow Nina in this day-in-the-life drama, and see the world through the eyes of a successful black woman who must navigate an unjust world while trying to protect the world she has created for herself and her family.



26 minutes

Director: Devon Collins

Writer: Mayank Kushwah

Producer: Chris Benninger

Cinematographer: Kahlil I. Pedizisai

Editor: Devon Collins

Cast: Crystle Paynther, Mike Head, Re’Shawn Reese

Devon Collins (Director, Editor)


July 15, 2020