Part of the Gender Spectrum Lens Shorts Program

Suggested View Time:
4:20 PM EDT / 3:20 PM CDT
Saturday, August 15

Note: No closed captioning or subtitles available.

Vessels follows Diamond, a young Latina transgender woman living in Los Angeles. Diamond works at a garment factory for meagre pay and is unable to afford healthcare let alone the breast implants she desperately desires. When her friend Hope shows off her new breasts she obtained through illegal black market silicone injections, Diamond is presented with an opportunity to gain the more feminine physique she has wanted her entire life. The girls go visit the “pumper,” Prayleen, who helps Diamond sculpt the body of her dreams.



16 minutes

Director: Arkasha Stevenson

Writer: Arkasha Stevenson

Producer: Halee Bernard

Cinematographer: Marianne Williams

Editor: Steph Perez

Cast: Diamond Cruz, Hope Smith, Maria Roman, Jason Taylorson, Karina Noelle, Ronnie Clark, Richard Manriquez, Jessica Mellot, Joe Sobalo Jr.

Arkasha Stevenson (Director, Writer)


July 17, 2020